Fashion for Moms

First, I love Pinterest. I have over 4,000 pins on Pinterest. I’m obsessed. However, some things on Pinterest are not helpful or are not a perfect fit for me. Fashion for Moms is not the easiest to find on Pinterest. Fashion for Teens is a more popular find. When I became a Mom I didn’t want to lose my sense of fashion or looks. I already gained an extra 40lbs and stretch marks, I didn’t want to lose much more of my looks. However, I now had to make sure that I was dressing to fit my new body. Yes, I’m working on losing the baby weight but in the mean time I had to dress more appropriate for my new body.

These are a few places I got my inspiration from and you can too! Here are the first to many types of clothes I now stick to. I would also like to add that I chose items I could afford. I don’t know about you, but I cannot afford a $300 scarf!

These two pairs of jeans are my favorite. You can buy them at Target for $29.99 Each. I’d use a coupon and you get 5% off if you have a Target Redcard. Also, when buying jeans they have to have the perfect fit. Which can take trying on several pair before you find one perfect pair of jeans that fits right just for you!

Target Jeans

Dark Blue Cherokee Target Jeans

Target Jeans

Dark Mossimo Jeans

Target Tops

Chevron Blouse Target

This top you can buy from Target for $11.98 plus 5% off with a Target Redcard. I like flowy tops because they tend to hide some fat rolls, etc and the prints make the outfit exciting.



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