The Perfect Care Package

If you have a loved one who is overseas, then you’ll want to send them a care package!
But what do you put in the care package?
There are certain things that you can send overseas via mail and certain things you can’t.
Here are some guidelines on what to send and what not to send.
What you can send:
1. Powdered drink mix (this won’t spill and will last your soldier longer).
2. Batteries
3. Magazines/Books
4. Quick protein bars or snacks
5. Candy or gum
6. Phone Cards (These are the most wanted/needed when away from loved ones).
What you cannot send:
This list depends on where your soldier is. Sometimes you may not be able to send anything that would offend the Islamic religion, like pork products. You should check with your soldier’s unit and ask for a list of what you can’t send.
Tips on sending care packages:
1. Check the weight and size restrictions
2. Always include their Name! (and your name!!)
3. Write out the complete address.
4. Try not to send chocolate or perishables during the summer (they will melt)
Hope this helped! Leave some of your tips on sending care packages to your favorite soldier!
Here’s one of my care packages to a dear friend of mine.
Care Packages
Care Package to Afghanistan 2011