My Hello!

Starting your very own blog is nerve racking! You don’t know if you’ll succeed or fail at this. I personally have a web design and an SEO background and I am still nervous. I would like to start off my blog by telling you why I started this blog, what to expect from me and what I expect from myself.

First and foremost, I started to this blog to share all of my thoughts, tips and words for everyone to see. My focus for my blog is for all of the wonderful mommies out there. This includes fashion for moms, couponing, organizing, being a working mom, military families, DIY-crafts, kids and fitness. These are the things that I have focused my life on. I have learned some great things about these specific topics. Now, I am not claiming to be the best expert on all of these matters. However, I do my research and I am still learning what there is to know. I don’t think any one person can know everything about everything.

Secondly, there are certain things that you can expect from me and my blog. The whole purpose of my blog is to share my knowledge and my constant learning experiences. I always found it beneficial to gather multiple opinions over one subject or find out numerous methods to do something. Everyone is different and chooses different paths. Each parent raises their children differently. I put the peanut butter on my sandwich before the jelly. What you can expect from my blog is to always be honest, to never pretend that I know everything and to always be whole-hearted in what I write.


I expect from myself to always do my research, always continue to learn and to put 100% effort into this blog. I made a commitment to my future fans and readers and I plan on keeping that commitment.

Happy Reading!