Your Own Cork Board

There are so many DIY craft ideas that you can do with cork. Here’s one of my cork projects.

I made my own cork board. What you’ll need is a glue gun, wine corks and ribbon.

Tip: I found out only “true” wine corks will work for this project and I used ones that were the same size. You can always cut your wine corks.

First step:

Cut a piece of ribbon to the length you want it. Then glue it to the wine cork (on the roll part-not the ends)

Second step: glue the first wine cork to another wine cork (again glue on the roll part not on the ends).
Keep gluing each wine cork to each other in whatever length you choose.

Third step:
Let it dry for about 5 minutes.

Fourth step (optional):
Hang the cork board on the wall. I put it in my hallway and used pins to put photos on it.

Here’s mine:




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