Are You “Kroger Krazy” Yet?

So you’ve already read about my top 5 phone apps for shopping. If you haven’t, go read it, there’s some good stuff in there.

So you’ve read it by now for sure and you already know that I included Kroger. Kroger has 2,631 store locations across the United States. It’s where most of you grocery shop. So here’s one BIG secret to saving money at Kroger, find coupons! Yes, this is a given, however it’s easier said than done.

Where do I find the coupons? How can I find coupons that I will actually use and need?

Well Kroger offers something most grocery stores don’t…Kroger has what they call “Free Friday Download”! What is this, you’re wondering. Well, I’ll tell you. It is where, if you are a Kroger member (sign up, it’s free) you get the benefit of getting free products! Every Friday you can download a coupon for one free product.You must download it on that Friday, you only have ONE DAY!

Kroger Krazy

Now, this is technically not a secret. There’s a whole page on Kroger’s website dedicated to explaining the technicalities of “Free Friday Download”. However, this is not advertised often and is for Kroger members only. On the app you can also coupon clip and save even more money. Isn’t this great? But, how do I have time for this? How do I remember to download every single Friday?

Well, there are experts out there that remind me every Friday and find coupons for you. One woman who is an expert is, Katarina. Her facebook page is called Kroger Krazy. Her Facebook page features coupons and promotions that are current at Kroger. The best thing about them, is that they’re current. I hate finding a coupon, getting so excited about the money that I’m going to save, and then realize it’s expired! So frustrating!! Also, remember how I mentioned in Top 5 Couponing Apps, that with Kroger, you can get extra rewards, such as free food Fridays? Well, one of the perks of following Katarina’s Facebook, is that she posts a link for you to add the coupon every Friday. This is my little reminder, because I do tend to forget to add the coupon.

Did I mention Katarina also shares coupons and great deals everyday for you to know about? How awesome!

Everyone asks me how do I have the time for everything, especially couponing? Well, I get a little (heck a lot) of help from people like Katarina. I recommend liking her page and seeing what she has to offer.

Have you gotten your free Friday coupon for today yet? I know I have!


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