Where are all my coffee drinkers?! I love coffee! I have cut down significantly in the past year (from 4 cups a day to 1 or 2).

Drinking coffee is extremely expensive. At Starbucks you’re spending at least $5.00 a day on coffee. That’s $35.00 per week, $588.00 per month and a whole whopping $5,684.00 dollars per year! That’s a down payment on a ford focus.

However, here is how you can have your guilty pleasure without breaking your bank.

1. Download the Starbucks app. You get a free drink when you sign up.

2. The more you buy, the bigger membership you get. Gold member is the highest (that’s what I’m at-a true sign of an addiction).

Starbucks also does customer appreciation days every month. Your app will have messages on their promotions. But watch out, they have time frames of when you can take advantage of the promotions.


Once you become a Gold member, for every 12th drink you buy, you receive one treat/beverage any size FREE!

3. Visit Groupon. This site has some great deals. Search Starbucks and find some gift cards or promotions. I once bought a $10.00 gift card on groupon for $5.00 then I loaded the $10.00 gift card onto my rewards app and received free drinks for $5.00. AWESOME!

4. By being apart of Starbucks rewards, you get a FREE treat on your birthday. Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you all enjoyed. Does anyone know of other ways to save at Starbucks?


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