Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is never easy. I look frazzled and unorganized (which I hate). However, the more I travel with my daughter the more skilled I become at doing it.

The essentials that I have learned when traveling with my daughter are these few key things:

1. Wipes!!! I never have enough wipes. I use them for myself too.

2. Snacks. My daughter eats a lot! Snacks keeps her busy when on the airplane instead of climbing over the person next to her.

3. Diaper Rash cream. I learned the hard way that on road trips babies get diaper rash to the extreme-at least my daughter does. An 8 hour car ride to Nashville, TN and two extremely red buttcheeks later-now I bring destiny everywhere we go.

4. Water bottles. When I didn’t have a restaurant or drinking fountain handy to refill my daughter’s sippy cup, a water bottle came in handy. It also is a big help to stop less on road trips.

5. Extra clothes. Yes of course bring clothes when traveling. But, have some extra clothes handy in your carry on or easily accessible on your road trip. (Clothes for your baby and yourself) My daughter has spilled food and drinks on me plenty of times to where I needed to change my clothes.

These are just my top 5 things that I have learned to bring when traveling with my little one. These might have been no brainers for some people but I guess I had to learn the hard way by experiences. Now traveling with Kayla is 10 times easier for us!

Feel free to add some of your must haves when traveling with your kids!


Colorado Trip 2014


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